Jacobsen collaborated with their friends at Stumptown Coffee Roasters to develop this salt celebrating their most popular blend, Hair Bender. Hair Bender is named after the Portland hair salon which housed the first Stumptown location.

This newest iteration of coffee salt came together over a series of meetings, with them running samples to their neighbors down Salmon Street. They infused Stumptown Coffee into their Oregon Coast Sea Salt and to give it a bit more kick and texture, added Hair Bender coffee grounds.


Jacobsen Sea Salt, Stumptown Coffee

Hair Bender Salt makes for a delicious topping on steaks, roasted acorn squash with butter and brown sugar, honey cake and ice cream.

Make affogatos at home! Drown your ice cream with your favorite Stumptown cold brew and top with our coffee salt or make it “dry” by simply adding a pinch of Hair Bender salt.

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