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    Made from pasteurized cow's milk, this cheese is a fusion of aged cheddar and champagne. You get an unique combination of moist, dense cheddar with a hint of champagne in both flavor and scent.

    Yancey's Fancy artisan cheeses are all hand-crafted with exceptional body and texture, using special curing techniques developed to emphasize taste which no longer is commercially available in cheddar types from most of the large cheese makers today.

    The Finger Lakes Champagne Aged Cheddar Cheese is one of Yancey's Fancy's New York Artisan Cheese, distinguished by its dark green wax coating. This is a pasteurized process cheddar which is aged for a number of months. As a result, it is a somewhat softer cheddar cheese equivalent to a standard mild cheddar. It is very easy to cut with a cheese knife or cheese plane and it does not fracture like many, sharper, cheddars might.